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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stitching up the Queen!

Not long now until the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend celebrations begin! Ive got my cake stand to the ready!!
I have been working on my own little piece of art work to commemorate this event. Its been a slow process getting to this point but I thought I would give a sneak peek of me "Stitching up the Queen!"
I am not quite sure yet whether these pieces will be put into products or just a quirky piece of artwork in a gorgeous frame for my hallway.!  I have other elements to add to my designs that will hopefully offer a more contemporary edge but still keeping the over all look of a traditional portrait. We will see if my ideas develop like I want them too!!!? 

 'Hand Embroidery' Traditional and Contemporary.
Both of these samples are initial sketches!
Which one do YOU like best?


  1. love them both chez, can't wait to see how they develop! Love the hanging threads. jx

  2. I love them both too! Think I love the back the most! Keep up the good work :) TJ

  3. Thanks Jayne and TJ you comments really count :) x