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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Morning after the night before! Workhouse Gallery opening.

'Myself, Dan Syrett and Jane Bruce.'

Recieved a great response to my 'Stitching up the Queen' collection. The Workhouse Gallery had a great atmosphere on its official open night on Saturday night. Wine and cup cakes flowing smoothly with a steady stream of lovely people turning up. Bloggers, press and artists attended the opening, it felt a little bit surreal to me but i loved every minute!!

'They were as delicious as they looked, mmm !'
Met a Great artist called David Jehan he has recently just came back to the art scene after working in the community art sector. Nice to share the same feelings and worries about the industy and an all round lovely family guy. Hope you do well David. :)
Where the decks are, you usually find me!
'The man in the Mirror' looking very smart there Mr Kung!
( Artist - Lee Webber)
 Artwork by Dan Cinnermann.
Now the hard work begins! I am working on a new collection which will hopefully be ready by christmas to exhibit. Look out for inspirations of the collections journey.
You can now find me on Twitter and Facebook.  Thank you for all your lovely comments if i didn't reply. :) x
My new journey begins right here, right now! as Norman Cook would say! :p

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Stitching up the Queen Collection goes travelling!!

After a great response towards my work at the Home and Gift show. Queenie has gained two exclusive residencies in The Workhouse Art Gallery,Harrogate and Home bird house,Scarborough.

The Workhouse Gallery is located in a Beautiful spot by the Railway in Harrogate. It has a very slick, quirky and vibrant interior,  The Workhouse Gallery launches its new and contemporary space this weekend starting with an official open night. Attending will be little old me,other exhibiting artists, Press and local celebrities.
I am very excited!!!!
I have designed exclusive new pieces especially for this event. The collection was inspired by the queens jubilee celebration earlier in the year.

                       "Her majesty the Queen"

"The Queens Bitch"

"Pigeon Power"

"Pigeon Man goes for Tea!"

"Mr and Mrs!"

Available with this collection are limited edition Greetings cards. Look out for my next blog "The morning after the night before".

Other artists exhibiting are D*face, Daniel Syrett, Dan Cimmerman, Adele Underwod, JehanMariaPreda and Dean Kemp .
 To view visit........

Which illustration do you like the most? Feel free to leave a comment I love to hear your feedback.

Good Luck Dan and Jane X

Homebird house

This beautiful little shop opens its doors to the public on its launch night on Friday. Alex Anderson (The owner) has a real creative eye to detail. His stock is very contemporary and on trend. It is located in a prime location in the town centre of the sunny seaside of Scarborough.

You can find one of my Limited Framed piece of the Queen, Cushions and Greetings Cards at Homebird house.

Good luck Alex you have worked really hard and the results are amazing!!! you are going to do well :)

Friday, 24 August 2012

The Madhatters Birthday Party.

My handmade tags sit lovely among the eclectic tableware and munchies!

I love the light in this image, Beautiful colour palette.!

                                mmmmm! Tweet hearts!

Next party nautical theme! keep you posted. :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Home and Gift show 2012. Back to reality!

'Me looking like a geek at my stand lol!..'

'My work at Home and Gift 2012.'

Well these last two weeks since the show have been a blur!! I had a great response to my work especially Queenie! and had a lovely time with friends. Myself and Jayne were just like naughty school girls lol! We shared a lovely cottage in Pately Bridge near Harrogate, with the amount of time we spent at the show I don't know how we had time to socialise, but we did! wine (Every night), the pub and a lovely girly night in/ and hour at the local pub with Jayne,Therese, Gill and Angela.  It was lovely to have time with the girls but I really missed my hubby and my boys! :(

             'Jayne's work looking lovely as always '

I would like to well done to everyone who exhibited along side me and hope you all got great contacts. I met some great contacts and other British manufactures/ businesses.

Look out for my next post ...... Handmade Britain! or not!

Mad Hatters Tea Party!!

On my return I was asked to do the party adornments for a mad hatters tea party! The party colour theme was flamboyant Alice.
So this was what I came up with............

They were hung on cocktail filled tea pots, cups and cupcakes.....mmm! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Home and Gift show 2012 - The build up begins!!

Well the UK's largest trade show is almost here! I was so excited to be selected to exhibit at this prestigious show in
 As a busy mum of three little boys, I have alot to plan before I can even leave for the show! (the usual household chores, I wont list them! There's alot!)

Now the nerves are really kicking in! and its making me think way too much!!! 

I have so many thoughts running through my head of which direction to take with my work! Is this the right time to sell British handmade products? I am hoping to get this answer by exhibiting at this massive trade show. And how many stands are actually selling a handmade product?!! This will be interesting.

As my best Friend Jayne would say "We will use this time as an adventure" and it is so lovely after all of the hard work to have the opportunity to exhibit with Friends who have the same fear and worries. It gives you a great support network in the current financial climate.

Watch this space!! x :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Perfect Backdrop!

I had a great opportunity of working with a very talented photographer called Ian Morrish.  
We worked on this shot on location near Church Street in Hartlepool. After a lot of looking around the North East for the perfect location to shoot my work,  we finally found it near where I lived and worked all along! We actually walked past it every day. This lovely graffiti artwork was hidden away behind a nightclub! A great backdrop top compliment my work. It show the initial basis from where this collection had grown from and I think it shows it really well!
There was four of us involved in the photo shoot, two talking to the pigeon to get him in the shot. It was very funny but once we had that pigeon he wasn't getting away!!

This is my favourite shot of the day! It show my chair really well. Well done Ian, good luck in your work. Also a big thank you to Jane and Jennie for all of your hard work in pigeon whispering lol! Couldn't have done it with out you x
The full collection will be available on my online portfolio very soon.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Queen Liz is finally stitched up!!

She really should have gone to specsavers!

After hours of hand embroidery! I have finally stitched up Queen Elizabeth II ready for her Jubilee celebrations this coming weekend! She has a screen printed dress and a beautiful embellished crown, just what ever girl needs.  As a British designer you can't really not do a little bit of something for this national celebration. Top trends at the moment is to have the British flag in EVERYTHING! and to be honest its driving me nuts and making everything look, well a bit tacky. I know this is all about Britain, but like the keep calm slogan its getting a bit over done. RANT OVER!
So I have decided to keep my drawing simple inspired by the 1950's British stamp. My embroidery is ready to be put into design development for products. I am excited to what I can develop from my embroidery piece.

'Queen Liz II' -such a hard life staring into space!

Personally, I love the contemporary style of illustration created from the random stitch!!!

'zombie nation' -hmmm! Interesting!

No rest for the wicked! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Design development coming soon!
Cucumber sandwiches to the ready :) Hurahhh! x


Monday, 21 May 2012

An Old London Bus!

I was so excited when I saw this in a traffic jam near Sunderland! I just had to take a pic to share with you!
                      'I wanna have a go!'
Great inspiration for stitching up the Queen collection.

Still Stitching up the Queen!

My Queen's Head is slowly getting there! I have added more detailing into her hair, lips and eyes. My hand embroidery is taking its time, but I am really excited about the sketch quality I am gaining from the back! I am staying Conservative on the front and develope more designs from the back to other collections.
  'Those french knots took FOREVER!'

You can see the back soon!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stitching up the Queen!

Not long now until the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend celebrations begin! Ive got my cake stand to the ready!!
I have been working on my own little piece of art work to commemorate this event. Its been a slow process getting to this point but I thought I would give a sneak peek of me "Stitching up the Queen!"
I am not quite sure yet whether these pieces will be put into products or just a quirky piece of artwork in a gorgeous frame for my hallway.!  I have other elements to add to my designs that will hopefully offer a more contemporary edge but still keeping the over all look of a traditional portrait. We will see if my ideas develop like I want them too!!!? 

 'Hand Embroidery' Traditional and Contemporary.
Both of these samples are initial sketches!
Which one do YOU like best?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A Rain of Inspiration! Designed and Made for John Lewis.

I had a lovely working day out in Newcastle on Thursday with my best friend and fellow designer Jayne Hewison. After a few planes,trains and automobiles we finally dropped of my product samples to Designed and Made ready for the John Lewis proposal. It was absolutely pouring down with rain, so we decided to go for a well deserved cuppa tea and a cake in The Biscuit Factory. It was bursting with inspiration! and lovely to be able to bounce ideas of each other.
My day out in the beautiful and very urban city of Newcastle has inspired me greatly for my new interiors collection. I am hoping it will be ready for the Home and Gift show in Harrogate, were I have been invited to exhibt under 'Intro North'.

                                                                       "Sneek peek!"
Well better get cracking! Hellooooo!Drawing board. ;)

P.S ...... R.I.P. Jayne's Brolly! xoxoxo

Friday, 2 March 2012

Girls and Boys kitchen Collection.

Inspired by 'The Funfair'- Vintage Eclectic!
Hand Embroidered.
Girls apron or can be worn as a pinafore for a special occasion. (Commissions Available)
Boys apron and matching hand towel for those messy baking days!
 Craft Fair Exhibit 2011. 
(Range of my collections)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Press release picture for Designed and Made!

The Mezza's 2012. Cheeese!!
           'Streets Apart Collection'  and  Jayne with her 'freeform' knit/felt Collection.

Cheryll Kung and Jayne Hewison with their creative designs at Cleveland College of Art and Design

A DUO of dedicated designers have reason to celebrate after having their work recognised by one of the regions’ most prestigious organisations.

Cleveland College of Art and Design contemporary textile graduates Cheryll Kung and Jayne Hewison have been selected to join Designed and Made, an artist-led membership network for professionals who support excellence in workmanship across the North of England.

Newcastle-based Designed and Made helps talented new designers by encouraging partnerships and initiatives that lead to new and exciting work and promoting their designs to national and international audiences.

Cheryll Kung, of Hartlepool, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I was told I had been accepted. I was really excited.

“We were over the moon that we had both become members of Designed and Made as it is so well known and something we have always dreamed of being part of – it was amazing.”

Cheryll, who specializes in screen print and hand and machine embroidery, uses influences from the urban streets of Hong Kong.

Her collection includes colourful home interiors; cushions, wall murals, chairs, wall prints and an additional range of t-shirts, peg doll packs and cards.

And while expanding her skills at college, Cheryll also found time to expand her family.

“In the middle of my second year at CCAD I was due to have my third baby,” said Cheryl. “Even though it was hard for me to balance home life with college work, I tried my best to attend everything as there was so much for me to learn and I really enjoyed it.

“The knowledge and skill I have gained from CCAD have been invaluable and if I hadn’t done the course I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Fellow designer Jayne Hewison, of Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, specialises in contemporary bespoke textiles and accessories, using a wide range of techniques, including freeform knit, embroidery, print, felt making, crochet and dyeing.

 “I travelled four hours each day to do the course but it was worth it as it is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Jayne.

“Being at CCAD allowed me to develop my creative skills in ways that I didn’t know I could and to be recognised by Designed and Made is just fantastic.

“I am hoping it will give me the springboard I need to launch my own business.”

Tutor Jayne Hemmins added: “Whilst Cheryll and Jayne’s work is dramatically different visually, it has many similarities.

“I’m absolutely delighted for both of them that they’ve been accepted by Designed and Made so soon after graduation.

“I wish them both every success in the future. They were an absolute pleasure to teach and were exceptional students.”

For further information on Cheryll and Jayne’s creative designs log onto


Back Street Scene Hong Kong.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

Designed and made

I am now a member of Designed and made, my work is available for commissions as well as illustration and design

Final Poster Design now live!
Tickets now on sale for this years biggest dance event. Kung - Creative Director)