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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Its been a while.....

Wow..... its been a long time since I have update my blog!! I must get better at this!, but in fairness I have been a very busy gal this last year.
 It has been nearly a year now since I joined as a volunteer artist at the Artrium art studio in hartlepool. The Artrium is a no profit organisation that offers art therapy to vulnerable adults and children. It focuses on providing person centered social care services for people with learning disabilities, mental health and other needs.

one of my roles within the organisation is to work one to one with members and develop their creative skills and help them with self confidence as well as their attitude to artwork.

I work with this wonderful lady every Tuesday. she is a big fan of music, her passion for this shines through within the pieces she produces. She created these beautiful pieces of artwork using oil pastels. Her confidence improves every week. Next week I with post more pictures of other techniques she has learnt within the passed 7 months. She can even use a sewing machine now!!! VERY PROUD!.......